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As usual your site provided me with information that pertains to me and probably many other people.

I noticed comments made to your site by others whom have suffered hip problems.

I am 65 years young, went to the gym 3-4 times a week, played baseball with my grandson, and granddaughters, hunted, fished, competed my Labrador retrievers in field trials, 30 years as a real estate broker in Sarasota, Florida, taught my grandson to race atv’s,(all terrain vehicles), helped little league coaching.

I read comments: gaining weight, lack of energy, etc. complete opposite of how I was accustomed to living. I watch what I eat, I go to the gym 3 times a week, even with no hip and in a wheelchair, however I have never ever been as heavy as I am today. The obstacles I face, I know I can overcome.

However, I don’t see my grandchildren but a fraction of what I was accustomed, I don’t work, I’m not allowed to drive, etc. etc.

I talk to my grandson Hayden (8 years old ) the other night when for the first time he said to me he didn’t want to spend the night. I sat back in my wheelchair and replied, to Hayden, do you not want to spend the night because we don’t get out and do the things we used to, he looked up at me with his big baby blue eyes and said yes. As hurt, inside, as I felt, I understood.

So, for those of you that have pain, weight problems, living problems, you are not alone. The more people that open up to the rest of the world as to the how this hip debacle has changed my, your lives the stronger our chances, to improve a system that has failed our quality of life.

No one can honestly say they understand, without having lived through this.

I can never replace the precious time, with Hayden, nor my other grandchildren, nor my wife, Nancy.

Yet I will survive and I will contribute however I can, so that others may gain a better understanding of how to deal with this  unexpected detour in life.

The journey of life, has bumps and wrong turns, I will get there, and so will you, don’t think you can’t.



Howard Sadwin