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This Shocking Post is a Comment just Sent to me by Howard Sadwin – he has No Hip Left and is in a Wheel Chair

My View

Same Hip as mine – I am very shocked and thankful mine is less aggressive.

I knew that my Birmingham Spectron was causing my problems – now I have a BHR sufferer confirming my worst fears.

I am still numb from reading the story – my thoughts and prayers are with you Howard.

Here is Howard’s Story:

In 2007 I had Smith and Nephew, Birmingham hip (BHR) put into me. 6-8 months later I walked with an odd gate, back began to hurt and had flu like systems. Had scans,x-rays,etc. always being told all OK.

Things got worse, by 2010 I walked with a cane.

After my second dislocation, my surgeon told me the device would have to be removed if it happened again. I told him I was going for another opinion, he suggested a surgeon that specializes in hip problems. The new surgeon also told me a third dislocation would mean the hip would have to come out. He suspected their was a build up fluids around the hip.

Two hours later I got up from my office chair and out the hip came.

The BHR was removed, the surgeon told my wife he had never seen such a mess, all the tissue and muscle surrounding my hip area was gone, deteriorated. Caused by the metal on metal shavings getting into my blood system and causing this to happen. After a week I was sent home to recooperate.

That night I spiked a 105+ fever and my hip erupted and I had a liquid like substance all over the place. Back to the hospital where I remained for 9+ months, underwent 12+ operations, performed by 3 different surgeons. The operations were just a cleansing of the hip area.

My surgeon came in to see me one night and told me he thought he could keep me alive, but I would have to do the rest.

A great medical team including nurses, my family, friends, my will and my now year old grandson Hayden, kept me alive.

I am home living in a wheel chair with no hip.

I have learned a life time worth of information as to this company and others, how they skirt around our approval system through the 510k plan, the on going litigation, etc.

I hope I can be instrumental in preventing such a terrible thing from happening to other people, and I will have my day in court.


Howard Sadwin

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