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Intelligent OrthoSensor Devices Provide Real-Time Reporting on The Condition of Your Orthopaedic Implant

by GAVIN CORLEY on Jul 28, 2011 • 12:04 pm Link: OrthoSensor… Published here – click here

OrthoSensor Inc. out of Sunrise, Florida has developed an impressive platform technology for performing real-time diagnostics on orthopedic implants.

At the core of this technology is an electronic sensor module which can be designed to be embedded into various orthopedic implants. The module is capable of housing numerous sensor configurations and provides remote, real-time monitoring of a range of sensed parameters such as kinematic and force data. The data is relayed wirelessly to the surgeon and displayed on a custom graphical user interface to optimize the delivery and maintenance of orthopedic implants.

The OrthoSensor Knee Trial (pictured) is the first commercial application of this technology platform and has received FDA 510(k) clearance. It is designed to reduce misalignment and poor soft tissue imbalance during knee arthroplasty procedures. OrthoSensor is currently working with several partners to spin out a number of devices for both surgical and long-term implanted use.

Amazing product design aside, this technology could have huge implications for the field of orthopedic surgery and management in the future. Watch this space.

A bit more about OrthoSensor’s technology:

OrthoSensor has designed customized, low-power, miniaturized systems to seamlessly integrate within a surgical workflow and eliminate the need for expensive capital equipment. Its technology platform includes embedded sensor electronics and application specific integrated circuitry (ASIC), which provides data via wireless radio frequency (RF) telemetry to be displayed on a graphic user interface (GUI). These sensors monitor changes in many physical properties, including change in load, density, motion, heat, viscosity, and material interfaces. This information is valuable for real-time, quantifiable, intra-operative use as well as long-term disease management.

Here’s a demo of the device while working with a cadaver:



Link: OrthoSensor…

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