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I just want to emphasize how important it is for as many of us as possible to send in our stories of our MoM nightmares to the FDA before May 9th for the hearing listed above. Those of us who are not in the recall groups have a long row to hoe, so all of you who are having problems with any MoM THA try and get the word out to these people. The more of us who reply the better, and I’m now thinking it doesn’t matter whether you live in the US or not, this being a world-wide problem. Wherever you are, if you come to this site and see this post, please try and join me in sending your story to the FDA before this hearing.

These device manufacturers need to be held accountable, and they’re doing their level best to ‘paper over’ the whole problem. No human should have to undergo multiple surgeries, with the revision(s) costs involved and the pain and suffering that goes along with it.

I hope everybody’s doing a little bit better right now, and if not try to keep on keepin’ on (that’s my situation after my revision this month on my MoM ThA, and the size of the pseudotumors that had to be excised, as the doctors like to say. Just a little excision, a little metal mixed in with your flesh around the implant, nothing to be concerned about. It’s because you’re one of the few who are just plain sensitive to metal ions. How many living beings are not ‘sensitive’ to metal ions leaching into their bodies with every step they take?

I think mainly the only people who aren’t ‘sensitive’ are those who aren’t that aware of their symptoms because they’re very old and aren’t totally ‘with it’ (I have such a relative with a MoM), or those who simply do not use the joint all that often. I have noticed almost all of the problems here and on other sites (excepting those sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies), and reported by MoM victims telling their horror stories are younger and consequently much more active people. I believe it is this demographic where failure rates are at least twice what’s been reported, as we are ‘pooled’ in with the much older MoM THA recipient to ‘thin’ out possibly alarming failure numbers. When some company like Smith and Nephew trot out there statistics of success, they therefore rely and recite numbers and percentages that are very skewed based on their ignoring the ages of those who have had problems.

We can turn this thing around only if we expose the FDA or MHRA or any other country’s medical regulative body to the undeniable truth of ruined and at the very least painful, diminished lives.

I’m just trying to keep the ball rolling toward our ultimate goal, that being the urgent and necessary recall of all MoM hips, which we the public deserve from the health agencies formed for our protection. I’m convinced we can eventually win the battle, but only if we work together and are tireless in our efforts.