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Medical News: has 2 articles, reiteration, (daily.headlines@medpagetoday.com).

People must learn about this or nothing will happen other than the medical device world displaying it’s superior power.

When I read comments from Senators voicing their opinion in favor of the great work FDA has and is doing, and how blaming the medical device world for making a small miscalculation on their percentage of failures ( predicted  3-5%) re: MOM  hips; and why they should be held harmless, when in reality the failure rate is rising well beyond 15-17%.

How can any government official make positive comments reinforcing the existing laws or adding some absurd limitation as to compensation a victim may receive if their device was the cause.

What the HELL is the matter with us doesn’t any politician, in USA, or abroad have the clout to demand accountability and in some cases compensation.

I would love to meet  these people on this issue face to face. I can be objective, I just want the truth, no big deal.

In the USA, this health bill isn’t telling people the truth of why our Disability medical insurance, medications etc are rising way out of proportion, THEY are simply pointing a figure at the liability expenses they incur.

Has no one said “You are dealing with Human Beings not auto parts or other things”, lives are at stake, and thank you for all the great devices you companies have invented, thus helping millions of people, me included.

However this time you made  a terrible mistake that has devastated 100,000s of people lives. You were in such a rush to make a few more 100’s of billions of dollars, you lied, cheated and stole from those of us whose lives you have devastated forever.

Last but not any less important, in the USA how can any government official have the audacity to say the FDA is following a protocol that will allow quick new inventive devices so we can improve market share. Rush the system is one response, my question to that comment is how can you rush a system that has demonstrated failure, such as we are witnessing and participating in today.

Most articles made by governmental official’s lead you completely away from this medical device nightmare.

The device maker provides 1000’s of jobs (where). They threaten to take their shops and move to wherever, they don’t mention the fact that their test patients in some instances have people on multiple test at same time, they may make $100 -$150 per test, so we have professional patients besides the real lab rat (US) so how can  the accuracy of data be reliable and safe. Use your imagination do you think a person would report any adversity they may be experiencing; knowing that may cost them their only source of income (people from 3rd world countries or perhaps desperate people from our own country trying to earn a few bucks get fed and have shelter.


Howard Sadwin