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Comment from Vicky:

I happen to be one of the lucky ones that am SO thankful for my Metal on Metal BHR’s because they were placed perfectly and function like normal hips do.

I had my first one done over six years ago and went back a year ago for my other side right in the middle of all the scare going on out there.  I am sorry to all those that had unfortunate situations and misplaced components, or got a recalled device like the ASR but there are MANY many of us out here living perfectly normal active and happy lives with LOW metal levels because we got a good implant that was placed correctly.

My daughter will probably need a hip within the next few years and I hope to god they still have BHR’s around for her, and I care more about her health then I do my own.

There is nothing wrong with metal on metal IF it is placed correctly and you did not get a defective ASR device, unless you happen to be one of the very rare less than 1% of the cases that has a true metal allergy.

You guys are the minority, the majority of BHR patients that went to REALLY skilled and experienced surgeons are extremely happy with our devices and wouldn’t have it any other way.