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I have already a post on this site under ‘Another Smith & Nephew BHR problem’. I have persevered in researching anything to do with the damage of metalloisis, psuedo tumours or whatever they call it on a particular day.

I had my left hip total in Germany Jan 2002 and it does what it says on the packet, therefore I had one to compare with when I had a BHR on my right in Jan 2006 and it was never right.

My revision to ceramic was in July 2010 and I continue to have the massive pain in the groin, hip area  and buttock as pre-revision surgery. This has now given me back problems due to distribution of weight and, like everyone, fatigue etc.

Luckily my GP is great and has asked me to send my research to her for her to learn.  I am now on fake morphine patches, gaberpentine, neproxine and amitriptylne and get about 80% pain relief and the pain clinic at my hospital have told me it’s for life.

Not giving in I discovered a surgeon who has great interest in metal on metal hips, Jeremy Latham based in Southampton.  Indeed they are just establishing a special unit for revision hip surgery with an emphasis on mom problems and are incorporating cell biologists, nucular medicine, in fact all the ‘ologies’.  They have been given a huge grant and are associated with Southampton University.

My GP has referred me there (I live in Hastings and it takes 3 hours each way) and they have accepted me as a patient and have asked if I will be a Patient Advocate.  It has recently been discovered that there is,or can be, a reoccurance of the soft tissue reaction post revision surgery.  Southampton where aware of this.

My original hospital University College London were not!!! And they told me they are still using mom implants.  I was speechless.

Southampton were honest in saying that ‘they don’t know’ but my reason for being with them was being in the loop as and when, and if, they ever find a solution.  If you can go to Southampton at least they are honest and will give you the proper tests.

I had never had a blood ion test nor a MARS MRI I have now and have faith that the ‘reader’ of the results will have a better understanding although the surgeon did tell me that things might not show up.  I prefer this honesty and at least they are positively looking for answers.

If anyone wants more info or details email me on gblanch@onetel.com