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I have had bilateral hip surgery one in 2005 and the other was on the right hip in 2006.

The right hip has been giving trouble since the surgery. I have had a fracture immediately after the surgery and was operated on again within two weeks of the implants. Wire was placed and surgery was done but the pain and the wire remains within.

I have a trilogy Acetabular System Longevity@Crosslinked Polyethylene Liner 20 degree elevated rim 32mm I.D. for use with 56mm O.D. Shell Bone Screw Tivanium Ti-bal-4v Alloy. Allumina Ceramic Head Aluminum Ceramic made in Germany Flemoral nStem Fiber Metal Taper with Calicoat Ceramic Coating All are Zimmer Products.

I have been to numerous hospitals to be placed on medications for pain but to no avail .

I just want to have this pain in the Groin area to stop and also the swelling to go down I am grateful for most of the part but why is there so much pain to endure?

That is all for now can you suggest something or someone. the doctor that did the sureries does not do hip any longer only shoulders.