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I am a 48 year old male from the UK and had my revision surgery in July 2011. My life has been turned upside down by the medical issues related to the cobalt and chromium toxicity.

Like you I feel alone and abandoned, I have seen numerous specialists and have yet to have someone take seriousley the relationship with my health and the toxic effect of the chromium and cobalt.

I have not been able to work for 14 months and will possibly never return to my job as it is impossible for me to maintain concentration, get exhausted very quickly and can only walk short distances.

Only recently they have discovered growths in my groin area which has knocked me for six.

I suffer from: severe fatigue, chronic headaches, chronic pains in the stomach, chronic pain when passing water, blood from my back passage, severe depression, pain around the revisionary joint, numb hands and feet, light headedness and dizzy spells, disturbed sleep, extreme sweating, racing heart and breathlessnesss, hearing loss and deteriorating eyesight.

I have also been admitted to a psychiactric unit for 4 weeks and continue treatment for chronic mental health matters, I also tried to commit suicide twice and I have no doubt this is related to what has happened.

I am developing a database of MoM patients and their related health problems to show where the common threads exist, so that when you first encounter specialists you can highlight immediately which areas need to be investigated.

I have spent the past 14 months trying to convince the specialists some thing is seriousley wrong, however as this is such a new issue and no real research has been done they are in the dark as to how to help.

If anyone wishes there information to be added to the database do not hesitate to contact me.

M: 07881504233
e: sandy.doherty@btopenworld.com

Best regards