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HIP REPLACEMENT: New Approach, More Mobility. | WHOTV.com – Des Moines news & weather from WHO Television.

200,000 hip replacements are performed in the United States each year.  With technology continuing to evolve, a new surgery promises a quicker recovery,  with less pain, and more mobility.

For quite some time, 62-year-old Linda Johns has been having trouble with her hip.

“Probably about a year ago, and it has been increased since January and was just getting worse all the time,” says patient Linda Johns.

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After looking over several options, Johns choose to have a direct anterior hip replacement because the surgery was the least invasive option.

Dr. Barron Bremner performed the surgery and says while all hip replacements have a good success rate; this one offers a quicker recovery time.

“The direct anterior hip approach comes through the front of the hip between two muscles, and we don’t have to detach any muscles from the hip-joint, this allows us to mobilize patients faster, they typically have less pain, and we don’t have to restrict them from bending at the waist or crossing their legs after surgery,” says Dr. Bremner.

The procedure uses a special table that allows access to the hip joint without having to cut through any muscles, the same day Johns had her hip replaced; she was up walking with little pain.

“The recovery was a big seller, the fact that I don’t have any pain and I know I’ll have a little bit tomorrow, but it’s awesome so far.  I’ve been up three times and what am I four or five hours post-op that’s great, that’s unheard of,” says Johns.

Dr. Bremner who performed the surgery at Methodist West says, the surgery also allows more precision.

The operation utilizes several X-Rays allowing the doctor to replicate the anatomy and make sure the patients leg length doesn’t change.

For Johns it was a good decision, one that has her up and about walking better than she did when she arrived for surgery that morning.

To find out if you’re a candidate for an anterior hip replacement, contact your family physician.