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New website: www.metalhipproblems.co.uk

It was complete relief when I came across Earl‘s View with the relevation that it was not just me that was suffering.  Over the past year I have looked at many posts about Smith & Nephew problems – of which I too suffer – and have wished that there was an ‘Erin Brockovich‘ in the UK who would take up the mantle to provide a voice for us.

After talking to one of the contacts in the UK I thought ‘Go for it’ there’s nothing to lose other than a few pounds and if I can help one person it will be worth it.

My aim to to collect data of symptoms: post metal on metal implant surgery and post revision.  It’s an easy tick box and I hope this info might help researchers listen to us – the patients – about what is happening, (if they’re prepared to listen).  My other aim is to become the ‘voice’ of us struggling to fight Smith & Nephew with a pressure group, strength in numbers, etc., get Lawyers who are prepared to take on Goliath, gain media support and so on.

Although my blog is about Smith & Nephew and patients within UK I welcome any comments from elsewhere but there is already enough about De Puy, I want pressure on S&N. Please help me help you. Thank you.

Gayle Blanchflower info@metalhipproblems.co.uk