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I had the Birrmingham resurfacing to both hips with a gap of 5 months, in 2008. I was advised that the Smith & Nephew was the best product having been free of problems for 10 years.

I now have difficulty in walking any distance or standing for any time. I have undergone blood tests, as the questions of MoM hip replacements was raised by the Nuffield Hospital, in Bournemouth, to me. Tests by the NHS have shown that I have twice the limit of both Cobalt and Chromium in my blood, which my GP advises is damaging to the heart, A little concerning as I had 5 By-passes in 2000.

I am waiting for a consultant to see me and state that I will need both hips replaced with Ceramic, Needless to say I am being delayed in that consultation.

Once I have received the advice, I have placed my case in the hands of Attwood solicitors, who will be submitting a claim, on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

I would agree that there seems to be a reluctance with regard to the Smith & Nephew company as they have seen the floodgates opening on the Depuy version.

Please keep me informed of any progress.