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I would like to remain anonymous just for now but I would like to tell you my ongoing story.

At the age of 40 I had arthritis in both of my hips, I had always been a very active person and I found the adjustment very difficult.

I was referred to The Birmingham Hip Clinic where I was told I would benefit from a hip resurfacing that would change my life back to a fully active one as I had always had sporting interests.

I was told I would be pain free and have full mobility for at least 15 years if not indefinitely and the chances of the resurfacing failing were so minimal as to be negligible.

I had a Smith & Nephew BHR in late 2006 on my left hip and in late 2007 a finsbury on the right.

In early 2008 I began to feel unwell and underwent tests which were inconclusive but my CRP remaind consistently high. During the summer I was admitted to hospital as I was unable to move my legs and was going in and out of conciousness.

They found destroyed gelatinous tissue and a large amount of poison which had to be removed by an emergency debridement. I was told afterwards that my life was at risk and I remained very ill in hospital for some time.

When i recovered I had to undergo revision surgery by having a full hip replacement and bone grafts to my left hip.

I was told at the same time that the same problem was in my right hip and when I was strong enough to have a further operation it would have to come out as a matter of urgency. It continued to be extremely painfull and was removed by a further full replacement to my right side.

There were further complications as the resurfacing had caused a large Pseudotumour or Cyst of over 50mm in size which also had to be removed. The whole experience was worsened by having to have a lengthy stay in hospital with numerous painfull tests and transfusions.

Some 3 years later I am still in constant pain and continue to feel generally unwell. My legs remain swollen and I have been told that there is nothing more that can be done.

I feel that the manufacturers have no idea how much misery and damage to mental health that they have done to patients with these implants as my llife has never been the same since.

I am trying to hold the manufacturers to task and have finally found a solicitor willing to fight my cause. Should any of your readers be in a similar position as me in the UK his name is Kevin Timms from Garden House Solicitors and he can be contacted at kevin@gardenhousesolicitors.co.uk