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Hello Everyone,

I too have suffered with a MoM DePuy hip installed May of 2006. The surgeon told me this hip was made out of stainless steel and would last the rest of my life. I was 55. After one year, my hip started to “clunk”.

The surgeon said just to “slow down”.

When the re-call hit the papers, I made an appointment , had a blood test and told everything was fine.

When my primary DR. looked into the blood levels, they were 5.5.

I started looking for a new surgeon. this was now Oct..

By January of 2011, my levels jumped to 18. I had the revision surgury Feb. 2011. The new surgeon also had to remove some dead grey tissue in the abductor muscle. All was fine until July of that same year when the abductor muscle tore away from the trocantor bone.

Tried different treatments of pain relief but ended up having abductor repair and a bursectomy in Jan. of 2012. Had total pain in groin, I-T ban, and sitz bone after surgery.

Five weeks after the repair, the muscle ripped again.

My surgeon has given up on me and told me to try to live with it.

I have been up to the Mayo clinic in Rochester, MN and they cannot help me either. The muscle apparently is too damaged. I live with hip pain every day and walking is an effort.

Any ideas out there?