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It is time for Smith and Nephew to be realistic and honest, afterall in their code of ehtics the safety of patients is of primary concern.

They have recalled bits and pieces of their mom hips, first the R3 acetabular insert and now part of the bhmr. The bhr is metal on metal, the parts rub against each other causing friction which leads to metal particles that enter our vital organs causing damage that can’t be replaced nor repaired like new as their marketing advertises.

Our Government must hold them for accountability and see justice is served if the safety and well being of our lives are first and foremost.

The investigative journalist of the Telegraph Claire Newell, Holly Watt and other staff members did superb work in their articles exposing some of the ongoing corruption in the medical device world. Although their investigation was on foreign countries the same practice is true in the USA.

What will it take to expose and put an end, to this corruption, how many 1000′s of innocent people will have to continue to suffer ??

It is apparent the FDA will do nothing more than collect data and protect the manufacturer. The FDA was formed to create a safety guide for human life, then why don’t they take these devices off the market ?

Market share and rates of returns to the investors is more important.

Earl View has had excellent articles of recent on ths matter and again I thank Earl for all his help and information.


Howard Sadwin