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Calling all Smith & Nephew victims

Being a regular reader and contributor to Earl‘s View I started noticing that there were many ‘victims’ of Smith & Nephew metal implants talking about their various symptoms and the lack of information being provided to the medical profession and, more importantly, us – the patients.

Much has been dedicated to De Puy and lawyers are jumping up and down with glee especially as their implants have been pulled worldwide but it’s a totally different story with Smith & Nephew.  Many surgeons are saying that they still safe to use, lawyers are saying that there is little chance of compensation based on the differing figures from research of various registers in different countries which show that the failure rates are low, the manufacturers are blaming the surgeons.  Research keeps going in different directions and it seems to me that the whole medical profession involved with metal hip implants have numerous meetings, where they might as well be dancing around their hats, as nothing concrete comes from them.

The FDA (US), MHRA (UK), Australia and other countries government medical authorities all seem to say that a very small number of patients are suffering from ‘adverse reactions’ to the metal debris yet we, the patients, are unaware if they have been reported or not.   Let’s say that if there have been 100,000 Smith & Nephew metal on metal implants used worldwide (I know its more) what do these authorities consider a ‘small number’ 1%, 5% or what?  Well after reading numerous posts I know this can hardly be true.  Firstly those of us with computers have to find the site to post, some might not want to, what about those people without computers or the savvy to research and look things up, what about the people who might be thinking that this is what you feel after surgery and have nothing or nowhere to compare?  How many lives have really been ruined with nowhere to report this?  How many people are being told by their Dr’s and Surgeon’s that all is well when it’s not?

So for this reason I set up a website/blog initially for Smith & Nephew sufferers in the UK providing, like Earl, as much research and news that I can find with the same ethos of bringing some transparency so that everyone can see and make their own minds up as to e.g. have the implants for their first surgery and revisions and also to see the muddle that the medical profession are in. My Dr thinks that this whole story is very similar to AIDS in that government and medical authorities are trying to hide the information but that it will eventually explode, especially when she saw Tony Nargols interview.

I also noticed that none of the researchers/authorities wanted to hear from us the patients, it seems daft to me that they haven’t thought about utilising  information from the very people who have been afflicted to assist with their on-going research.  So I decided to gather some information about the symptoms we all have had with a view to give me something tangible to shout about and persuade anyone who will listen to include us and hear what we are saying.  Surely it must help future ‘victims’?  I had a brief discussion with my Surgeon in Southampton where they have set up a specialist unit and he thought they could be useful (no monies involved).

I only launched in early December and have yet to really try to publicise but so far 15 people have filled in the form and to read the similarity of symptoms both post initial surgery and post revision brings tears to my eyes.  Shockingly all 15 (16 including me) are still in pain and suffering other symptoms after revision surgery.  Therefore, if you wish to help be heard please fill in the form, your privacy will be respected.


Thank you.
Gayle Blanchflowerwww.metalhipproblems.co.uk