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by Ed Larsen

When I first became aware of “Earls View” and contributed to the Blog regarding my personal experience with the BHR and elevated cobalt/chromium levels, I had no idea this would only be the beginning of my problems and not my road to the remedy!

Following the removal of the BHR on Dec 11th after its original implant in Aug of 2009, my hip was revised with a Zimmer metal on plastic device. My surgery went well, accelerated recuperation and my extremely elevated chromium / cobalt levels already dropped over 60% in a matter of weeks after the device removal.

Unfortunately, on Dec 28 th while eating dinner and sitting in a chair my hip dislocated and after an 8 hr ordeal in the emergency room my hip was relocated under sedation and I was sent home.

Over the next 3 weeks recuperation from the dislocation was more akin to the original recovery challenge from the original BHR implant. I subsequently developed a serious infection in the hip area and had to be admitted for emergency surgery.

The infection was such that the incision had to be reclosed after cleansing the device and hip area to wait for the bacteria cultures to be developed and schedule a subsequent surgery in a matter of days to extract the device, implant a concrete spacer impregnated with the targeted antibiotic and then be treated with the same antibiotics by IV over the next 6-8 weeks until hopefully the infection is eliminated.

At that time, the now 5th surgery will be scheduled to remove the spacer and put in place a new metal on plastic hip replacement. This is exactly what I feared most after being affected by the BHR metal ion toxicity and having to have the original device removed.

Obviously one never wants to test the odds of multiple surgeries inviting variables such as blood clots or infections which you escaped the first go around!

So I take a day at a time in this journey to remedy these problems but emphasize the seriousness of the BHR issues out there, FDA ‘s ignoring the need to address Smith & Nephew ‘s responsibilities to the patients , the absurdity of the current Insulation S &N has enjoyed from litigation and most importantly how far off practical reality our chief justices of the Supreme Court have been in misinterpreting the FDA guidelines and their mutual responsibility to protect the consumer !

Ed Larsen

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