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Here is one page in Smith & Nephews code of ethics

Paragraph 2 beginning with “Smith & Nephew” third sentence
“We will never use improper methods to influence medical practitioners and institutions to use our products. “

I wonder if they forgot the fines they paid for kickbacks, and why they are being sued by the United States of America on a whistleblower case presently???

Also I wonder what ever happened to the investigation the Federal Government was conducting re: PODS ?? ( This was another means of kickback payments )

You could own a percent of a POD or the entire POD, funds would be supplied to the POD and then dispersed according to the percentage one owned.

Several months ago I spoke to my orthopedic surgeon about PODS and if he were involved. He responded funny I should ask a short time ago he was approached regarding involvement, he told me he didn’t like the smell of the POD at all and he refused to express any interest.

Suggestion for Smith & Nephew they may wish to update their ethics and principles of integrity, honesty and professionalism and pay more attention to the malfunction of their metal on metal hip devices and how Smith & Nephew can help those that they have hurt. Perhaps I missed that chapter.


Howard Sadwin