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Recent comment published on Earl‘sview that deserves more notice:

Does Smith and Nephew not hear the cries from victims of their BHR hip device ?

It seems the BHR isn’t doing such a great job.

Metal on metal hips are proving to be more hazordous to our health each day as the complaints mount up.

It is bad enough the FDA  needs more studies, more this and more that and still after more than enough time they are not pulling these devices off the shelf.

After all who will explain the sudden drop in net income to the investors and what about us POOR LAB RATS that have had their lives devastated for ever ???

Capitol Hill is so concerned ( or influenced ) about pulling these devices off the market, it could mean a loss of jobs via the medical device manufacturers and tax dollars to our Government, but it could preserve the quality of lives of 1000’s of innocent people.

Read the minutes on the September 8, 2005 FDA meeting held in Washington, DC, that panel approved a metal on metal hip resurfacing device, pma (post marketing approval) at that meeting. There were just as many if not more concerns and unanswered questions raised at the meeting than today 2012,  but the FDA passed the device for marketing in the USA.