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Howard has been reading and its time for Smith & Nephew to admit the facts – not spin

In my reading of the BHR and McMinn and all the testimonials of people that have had the resurfacing device implanted there are all these immediate success stories, but what has happened to these people and their resurfacing today in 2012.

McMinn and Smith & Nephew keep leading the public to believe there is no problem with their metal on metal implant device. Guess what there appear to be far too many problems with their MOM resurfacing device.

Then there are percentages of success quoted 98%-92%, what do they base these success percentages on?  What are the actual number of people involved and what is the source and why aren’t these sources verified ?

Probably because they can’t be.

The quotes of follow up information could be from a select handpicked group of young people. Younger people implanted will in all likely hood be more successful than seniors.

Why not sample of 50 BHR patients where used from 6 big orthopedic hospitals in the USA (not to forget our foreign friends) and then look at the number of revision surgeries on the BHR.

There in all likelihood, will be a different picture then the one presented to us from the principals involved with the BHR.

Face facts metal on metal hip devices can be hazardous to your health. This comparison of the BHR being much more successful than other devices may be true, however the metal on metal is the problem.

So BHR can’t discuss all the success stories and high degree of percentages they want, how about proving this data with actual real facts other than spurting out numbers that mean nothing more than show.

The FDA appears to have made one of the worse decisions in their existence, why don’t they own up to that and take care of the 1,000’s of innocent victims, unwitting lab rats, and take care of their mistake?

Now and prevent future damages that may occur from these MoM devices? The fDA has been requesting additional studies, information from the manufacturers for years and still these nightmare from hell devices are plaguing, hurting and destroying the lives of innocent folks.

Maybe Earl’s view should publish a list of all the victims of the bhr so people can see the hidden dark side.

[Note from Earl – if you search on the site for S&N or Smith & Nephew or BHR or Birmingham Hip Resurfacing – you will find them].

Just because the BHR may not have been implanted in as many people as the  other devices the percentages of problems arising from the bhr are rising each day.

The settlements some of the MoM manufacturers are making with victims of their MoM hip devices is like paying a fine to these manufacturers. There has been nothing done once again to prevent this from happening again. It may cost 100’s of millions of dollars to these manufacturers, rest assure they still made huge profits.

Smith and Nephew is disappointed in their MoM hip division sales of late, but they are quoting a billion dollars in profit to their investors.