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Metal on Metal Hips – why doesn’t the Government act NOW?

by Howard Sadwin, 25 August 2012

I have been reading and reading the days I can re: MOM hips. It is sad to see the time wasted by not recalling and shelving MOM hips. The longer the Governments let the lobbyist and manufacturers continue

To sell these devices the longer it may take before someone receives treatment, that could mean the difference between walking or not.

Common sense is none existence, fewer surgeons use MOM hips if at all, the numbers of registered complaints has tripled in the USA in the past year alone and the year is not over. Scientist, surgeons, public says stop using these devices, the sales in the device manufacturers reports shows a drastic drop in MOM hip sales why are we being bullshitted around like we insignificant.

The truth will always be the truth regardless of understanding, disbelief or ignorance ( W Clement Stone) so  why do we put up with these lies ? Especially when the impact has taken away the quality of some of our lives forever.