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How To Choose A Hip Replacement Surgeon

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If you’re committed to undergoing hip replacement surgery, more than likely you want the best surgeon available. No one wants a mediocre surgeon when it comes to their own health. You would want a physician who has ample experience and feel comfortable with talking to about your body.

hip replacementsurgeon is a different surgeon than the surgeon who will remove your wisdom teeth. You’ll have a long relationship with your hip surgeon while giving him updates on the condition of your health. There are many options for you to consider when choosing a surgeon including location, a referral, price, experience and credentials.

Location Of Hip Replacement Surgeon

If you’re located in urban area, it should be easy to locate a hip replacement surgeon. If you’re located in a more rural setting, going to the nearest surgeon without looking at their history is asking for trouble.

Make sure you choose a hip doctor that’s within reasonable distance to your home as you may need to travel back and forth to the surgeon’s office a few times. Hip replacement surgeons are not on every corner, nor are they scarce. Be sure to find an expert that’s located within reasonable distance and fits your needs.

A Hip Replacement Referral

Please understand this article diligently, the matter and the suggestions have a couple of distinctions. Depending upon the origin of a referral for a hip surgeon is everything. Don’t choose the surgeon who has the biggest phone book ad or billboard advertisement. This just states that the hip replacement surgeon is willing to promote himself by spending big money. Clever patients will look deeper into a doctors history and experience. If there is someone that you know of who received remedy of back pain from an orthopedic surgeon, that same doctor may not be the best at hip surgery. If someone does give you a referral, still check their background and speak with the physician before making any decisions.

Depending upon if you have insurance or not, will decide the fate of your hip. If you do have insurance, the coverage will usually cover the cost of the surgery. At the same time, if you’re similar to the ever growing population who don’t have health insurance, then your options become limited. The average price for a total hip replacement is around 40,000. Not many people have that kind of money laying around. Although, there are other options available these days.

Medical tourism is becoming more popular with the ever demanding global economy. The United States has the highest total health expenditures as a percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the world. If you’re uninsured and a hip replacement in without question, then taking a look at medical tourism may give you a financial advantage.

The Surgeons Experience And Credentials

Experience and credentials should be considered a major factor when searching for a hip surgeon specialist. If the M.D. Is “Board Certified”, it can’t be a negative attribute. For a surgeon to become board certified, they must study rigorously to pass a written and oral examination given by an accredited American program. This has nothing to do with hands on experience. A doctor with years of experience and a good track record is what you’ll want to search for. A general orthopedist is not the top pick either. Make sure to investigate the history and be sure the surgeon specializes in joint replacement.

Often, you’ll have to do your homework when looking for the best hip replacement surgeon. Many specialists will advertise their way to the top which is the easiest way to promote their skills. Be certain to find a surgeon within reasonable distance. A specialist who will listen to your concerns and easy to contact is also a high priority. If you’re concerned about price, there may be other options for your concern. Having an experienced doctor will give reassurance to your choice. The best way to choose a hip replacement surgeon is to use their history and status, but only you can choose who fits you best.

Written by Patrick OShea, intended for use by Hip Replacement Surgery

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