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A few days ago this article was published in the New York Times:

Hip Implant Complaints Surge, Even as the Dangers Are Studied

By and Source: The New York TImes
Published: August 22, 2011 Tim Shaffer for The New York Times

Ann Morrison experienced pain, rashes and inflammation soon after receiving all-metal replacements for each of her hips.

The federal government has received a surge in complaints in recent months about failed hip replacements, suggesting that serious problems persist with some types of artificial hips even as researchers scramble to evaluate the health dangers. Read more….

Here is one Patient’s horror story, in response…


I was a young woman when I slipped and fell doing the splits at work. After several doctors appointments with several doctors, one finally found the problem that being the femur head had necroses requiring a hip replacement.

The first doctor put my device in, after 4 months I told the doctor that my pain was worse than it was before the surgery.

He said every thing was fine.

He stood up gave me a 90 day prescription  for Ibuprofen  walked over to me shook my hand and told me to take care of my stomach  and have a good life then he left the room, he walked away from me.

I went to my main doctor told him that the hip was still bad, we went rounds a bit but I was given another doctor, after a bone scan and MRI I presented at the new office, this doctor came into the room and said “its no one’s fault but you have to have another replacement”.

Just under one year and my hip is being replaced again.

In the doctor reports from the operation states that the devise holding the femur head just fell out, the prosthesis had already grown-in bone (my doctor said that was not to happen) it took the new doctor 5.5 hours remove the first device, during the surgery the doctor tried everything to remove the prosthesis, my femur was fractured, they cut the femur in half to hammer out the device.

Once it was removed they put bands around my femur in 4 or 5 places to hold the bone together.

With in 3 months I was back in getting a new third hip, I then had to have my scar (now at least a foot long) got infected so I had another surgery.  because the FIRST DOCTOR made my right leg 3/4 inch long, thus causing back issues. 

My doctors keep blaming each other, by that I am saying the hip doctor states my hip pain is due to the back, my back doctor states that my back pain is causing my hip pain.

I have been going around and around with doctors who will not take responsiblety for their work. I am seeing a head doctor and a counselor, back to PT, it’s like I am starting all over again because of the doctor and the bad hip that is in my body.

I did save each of my hip’s and currently waiting for someone to fix me.

Thank you for writing that article.