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Hip pain is making movement more and more of a chore.

Right hip, the Birmingham Spectron one, is painful from the groin to the knee with pain up the lower third of my back. Sharper pain felt on the outside point on the hip, I guess about level with the top of the femur. Bone pain radiating down to the knee.

Uncomfortable driving, sitting and lying in bed. Flying to Sydney tomorrow will be excellent in those pokey little seats. Being 6’1″ I wouldn’t have expected my knees to hit the seat in front, especially on Qantas. More airline cost cutting.

Still, better than being in the exit row on Jet Star‘s A321 where the seats are 2/3 rd the normal width. Didn’t realize until I sat down and jammed my hip. Stewardess wouldn’t move me until after takeoff despite excruciating pain. Had to drive from Gold Coast Airport to Gold Coast Emergency to get X-ray and pain relief. Good one Jet Star.

Left hip pain less intense today and more noticeable when moving and getting up & down.

Right hip pain and ache is constant.

Scotch, cigar, bed… LOL!!!

Tinnitus is loud tonight. Worse than a summer full of crickets. Probably more noticeable because the house so quiet with the family away?