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Hip Replacement Hospitals In IndiaPatients Testimonials Of International Patients

Author: Pankaj Gade

Hip replacement surgery has become a commonplace procedure at world class hospitals in India

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We Care India makes your Hip Replacement Surgery simple and straight forward with our fully inclusive package offering total care, surgery, physiotherapy and journeys to and from the airport. We will arrange flights and wheelchair assistance throughout your journey.

The prosthesis (artificial hip) used in modern Hip Replacement Surgery at hospitals in India is extremely durable and can be expected to last for many years. Your hip replacement will improve mobility, relieve pain and improve function of the hip joint thus improving quality of life.

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Understanding Your Hip Replacement Surgery at hospital in India

  • To understand a total hip replacement at hospital in India you should first understand a little about the structure of the hip joint. The hip joint is a ball and socket with the ball component attached to the top of the femur (the long bone of the thigh). The socket is part of the pelvis. The ball rotates in the socket to permit you to move your leg backward, forward, sideways and in a twisting motion. On the right is a picture of a healthy hip. The cartilage covers the ends of the thighbone and pelvis. This allows the ball to glide easily in any direction inside the socket.
  • In a hip requiring Hip Replacement Surgery, the worn cartilage no longer serves as a cushion. As the damaged bones rub together, they become rough, with a surface like sandpaper. This rubbing results in pain with almost any movement and steadily decreasing mobility.
  • In a total hip replacement at hospital in India the ball replaces the head of the thighbone. The stem component of the ball, which is made of a metal alloy, is inserted into the marrow of the thighbone. A cup made out of a durable plastic material replaces the worn socket in the hip. The prosthesis is held in place by either new bone growing into it or by bone cement.

What’s Involved in the Surgery ?

The day before Surgery at hospital in India

  • You will undergo a number of tests and x-rays, you will receive a clinical examination and have a consultation with the consultant orthopaedic surgeon.

The Night Prior to Surgery at hospital in India

  • You will be asked not to eat or drink anything after midnight.

The Day of Your Surgery at hospital in India

  • You will meet a registered theatre nurse who will care for you until you are moved to the operating theatre. The anaesthesiologist will review your history and type of anaesthesia used. An IV will be started and sedative medication will be administered, Epidural anaesthesia may be started at this time.

The Hip Replacement Operation at hospital in India

  • Your surgery generally takes 1½ to 2½ hours, don’t be surprised if the time for your surgery passes by. The theatre schedule is flexible to allow for some procedures to overrun.

After your Surgery at hospital in India

  • After surgery is completed you will be moved to the recovery area in intensive care for a short time, if you have any medical history of heart problems you may well be held in intensive care for a few days. This is just a precautionary measure. Whilst you are in intensive care especially trained nurses will closely monitor you.
  • You will then be transferred to your room where your family will be allowed to be with you. You will have received extensive physiotherapy during your stay in the hospital, therefore you will be in good shape for your return home. Continue to take any prescribed medication and follow the doctor’s instructions regarding the medication. Follow the physiotherapist’s exercises and instructions for your hip. Wear an apron for carrying things around the house. This leaves hands and arms free for balance or to use crutches. Use a long-handled “reacher” to turn on lights or grab things that are beyond arm’s length.

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We Care Core Values

“We have a very simple business model that keeps you as the centre.”

Having the industry’s most elaborate and exclusive Patient Care and Clinical Coordination teams stationed at each partner hospital, we provide you the smoothest and seamless care ever imagined. With a ratio of one Patient Care Manager to five patients our patient care standards are unmatched across the sub continent.

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