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Arthroscopic Hip Procedure: A Way to Prevent Total Hip Replacement

Author: Gregory Fraser

Total Hip Replacement (THR) or simply Hip Replacement is the best option in the management of severely injured hips due to degenerative diseases like arthritis and other hip disorders. The surgery is usually prevalent in the elderly ages 65 and up so more less invasive procedures are being researched. A treatment modality that is presented as an option is arthroscopic hip surgery which can hold back or eliminate the necessity for a hip replacement. A camera and small specialized instruments will be used and inserted into small incisions. In addition to that, Femoral Osteotomy is now being studied as an option for Hip Replacement.

What is an Arthroscopic Hip Surgery?

Hip Arthroscopy is from the Latin words arthro (joints) and scope (to see). It literally means ‘to see the hip joints’. Small incisions are made for the insertion of the camera and the specialized instruments depending on the case.

Arthroscopic Hip Surgery images

Common candidates for this procedure have the following that can also be seen in people with arthritis:

Loose bodies

  • Portions of loose cartilage may be presently floating inside the joint.
  • The loose bodies can be caught during mobility and can cause pain.

Labral tears

  • Tears in the cartilage are present and some may completely break away from the socket.

Chondral damage

  • Wear and tear of the joints and cartilage results to damage which is why some feel the pain and discomfort.

Femoro-acetabular impingement

  • Extra lumps of bone rub together in the joint which may cause extreme pain. It is said that Hip Arthroscopy will not benefit the patient in the relief of pain but may benefit from the removal of the bones rubbing together.

Diseases in their late stages cannot be managed by Arthroscopy.

This management cannot do wonders for sufferers with severe arthritis because it will only preserve the left cartilage. It will not be a guarantee that arthritic pain will be gone after the procedure. X-ray and Physical examinations will be made to assess if the person is a candidate for the surgery.

Differences Between Hip Arthroscopy and Total Hip Replacement

Potential early recovery is seen in Hip Arthroscopy since is it less invasive. A small incision will only be made as opposed to the big surgical site in Hip Replacement. This is an outpatient procedure so the patient is allowed to return home the following day. The risk for complications are less since the injured parts are not replaced with prosthetic devices. Post-op complications brought by defective hip devices such as in the case of DePuy Hip Pinnacle Replacement should not be taken for granted. As a whole, the development is a welcome news for those who suffer from hip ailments because this can help them delay Total Hip Replacement. By the time that the sufferer might need a total hip replacement, dramatic changes in hip devices are present and a similar scenario to the DePuy Pinnacle Replacement will not resurface.

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