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Smaller scars, faster recovery for new hip replacement

Minimal Incision Hip Replacement – click for original news from wpty.com

Posted: 07/25/2011

By: Mike Trim By: Mike Trim

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – In June, 76 year old Alice Andrews of Palm Beach Gardens had a minimal procedure called incision hip replacement surgery.  She was back on her feet in 48 hours.

“I feel wonderful. I can not explain to you how good I feel,” said Andrews.

Dr. Len Remia performed the relatively new surgery at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center.

It’s the only hospital in Palm Beach County offering the procedure.

The hip was replaced through the front of Alice’s thigh, leaving a 3 inch scar.

Normally, muscle on the backside of the hip is cut in replacements, opening up to the hip joint for surgery, but leaving a nearly foot long scar.

In the minimal incision surgery, no muscles are cut.

“Immediately after the surgery they’re able to walk, their muscles function because we haven’t cut them. It is truly amazing, those patients,” said Dr. Remia.

Andrews became one of the hundreds of patients that Dr. Remia helped with this relatively new surgery.

It takes about an hour-and-a-half and lowers the risk of hip dislocation after surgery according to Dr. Remia.

Patients undergoing this procedure are placed on a special table, called a Hanna Table, that allows for real time X-ray during the surgery.

Dr. Remia notes this helps minimize mistakes.

“So the surgeon knows exactly where the parts are being placed, so that minimizes complication,” said Dr. Remia.

Andrews walked 48 hours after her surgery.

13 days later…”Had my staples taken out and then that evening I went to my line dance class,” said Andrews.