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Metal on Metal Hips – New Video • Lampkin & Co Solicitors.

Metal on Metal Hips – New Video

Posted by  on Mar 5, 2013

Metal on Metal Hips – Understanding the Problems

We have released a new information video to help people understand the problems associated with the failure of their Metal on Metal Hip implants.

Watch our information video

In this video, we use animated graphics to illustrate what happens inside the body when the Metal on Metal Hip implant begins to fail. We’ve aimed at making it easy to understand and Mark Lampkin talks about the problems and how they can cause various issues throughout the body without any unnecessary medical or legal language.

Lampkin & Co Solicitors are leading the way on legal action in the UK regarding Metal on Metal Hip products that are failing and we are now representing a cohort of over 100 clients.

Many of our clients had heard about problems with Metal on Metal Hip Replacements but were not sure exactly what was happening. It’s estimated there could be around 50,000 people affected in the UK so we are quite sure there will be thousands more patients in the UK that don’t fully understand the problems and thus, the potential harm to their health.

If you’ve had or know someone that has had a Metal on Metal Hip procedure after 2004, contact us for advice. You can download our fact sheet on our Metal on Metal Hip page.

Please help spread the word so other sufferers can be helped – feel free to share this page via email, Facebook or Twitter.

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