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Location: United Kingdom

 Sorry but its about Zimmer

I have been a member of this informative site for nearly three years since my knees decided sailing days had bashed them enough at a young age.

First I went for half knee replacement which lasted 18 months. I had worn it out! I am 50 not 75!!

In the meantime the left knee was x-rayed, MRI etc. And TKR was needed. I was told of this revolutionary porous gender knee replacement,which would outlast me – not the other way around, fab i thought! I trust my orthogod to the hilt. We used to sail together and he always tells it as it is.

However it went OK,was soon up and about 90 degree bend. Excellent. Then it started to go wrong – slight imbalances. It started to clunk – not just to my ears but to others.

Back to orthogod, put a brace on it, build up the knee muscle. I thought I had seen the last of the knee braces. Alas no.

Then the right knee was replaced again. I went with the Zimmer thinking best to have two knees the same!

Oh so wrong. It now also is braced. I have just been for an allergy test as i have had this spectacular rash appearing firstly on left leg.

I at first thought it was something to do with the scar tissue as it took nearly 3 hours to fit the thing. Went to my GP “never seen anything like that,” she said.

I know a blood test; went to my pain nurse as rash was now spreading around leg and had big yellow patches along it. “ahhh not sure – send you for allergy tests.” and as right knee is leading to balance probs lets put on yep a brace.

Allergy test completed. Allergic to copper sulphate and the anti biotic put in bone cement. I wear an SOS as i am allergic to penicillin. It is in my notes! And i wear the red wristband in surgery so it is known,but hey ho they thought as penicillin has moved on so much? Since i first reacted a small amount would make no odds!! Penicillin makes my throat swell and i need a pen if i come into contact with it!!!

And now rash is appearing on right knee. It is weak, defective, and unstable.

I am a fit 50 year old who has had her career, life turned upside down. I can no longer do yoga. Hard to do the tree when its nearly timber when you try.

I am still on the hated Tramadol. If i want to go out for a walk, i cannot walk my three dogs which was one of my pleasures.

I go this week to see my orthogod, having had many emails from women who have had same probs with Nexgen porous knees.

Indeed the lady I was in hospital with was the first lady our orthogod had placed one in. Her private specialist [she sought second opinion] says it needs a revision. She still needs a stick as do i. She has lost half her weight to make sure knee under no strain – is a healthy size 12 – has just learned to scuba dive, but needs brace with weights in it. Otherwise she can only swim in a circle.

We are of the same age and she has a far more powerful job than I, but because of her knee and the other needing doing, she may have to retire early as it involves a lot of driving and her knee gets stiff far to quickly.

I went for rehab thru the Ben fund which is a fireman’s charity top class therapy and physio unit. The first thing the physio said was, “not one o those knees.” she had had two firemen thru who had chosen this sort of knee to stay on active duty, but had had to have a revision and retire early.

So far in the UK I have not met to many people with a kind word to say about these knee types and I am afraid they wont get any encouragement from me to go with them.

And it looks like I am going to have to opt for two revisions on my knees, one of which will be for the third time in three years. Unhappy yes just a touch.