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For J&J, a hip lawsuit trial victory – FierceMedicalDevices.

J&J logo imagesAfter losing two jury trials, Johnson & Johnson/DePuy can now celebrate the fact that a jury has ruled in its favor regarding the company’s ASR all-metal hip implant.

The company’s unexpected good fortune comes on behalf of an Illinois jury, Reuters reports, which declined to award damages to plaintiff Carol Strum. A DePuy spokeswoman commented to Reuters after the decision that the company took “appropriate and responsible” action to help Strum, including an initiative to address medical costs she faced after dealing with her initial ASR hip implant. As the story explains, Strum sued because she claimed her 2008 implant was defective and it doctors were forced to replace it three years later.

Assuming Strum’s attorneys don’t file an appeal, the outcome is a much more positive one then Johnson & Johnson’s ($JNJ) first U.S. jury trial defeat in March (in Los Angeles), which will cost Johnson & Johnson $8.3 million. And then there’s the New Jersey jury that ordered the company to pay $11.2 million to an ASR plaintiff who endured a number of repeat surgeries after the implant failed.

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