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Elderly woman’s concerns ‘not listened to properly’ before death – coroner – National – NZ Herald News.

By Patrice Dougan

5:51 PM Wednesday Jan 29, 2014

The concerns of an elderly woman who died of blood poisoning in Wellington Hospital were not properly listened to by medical staff, a coroner has ruled.

Rose Regan, 76, of Crofton Downs, died of septicaemia, following a hip replacement operation, in November 2011.

Her family are considering laying a complaint with the Health and Disability Commissioner after raising concerns about her medical care at her inquest, which the coroner agreed were “not adequately answered”.

These included an infection which the family said was not treated, and a dislocated hip which went undetected by hospital staff for at least two weeks. Her family also questioned staff about Mrs Regan’s foot being rotated outwards by 90 degrees, and the pensioner herself asked nurses why her new hip “clicked” when she tried to move.

“This was met with shrugged shoulders and no suggestions to follow up,” the family said.

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