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Zimmer Hip Lawsuit | Zimmer Hip Replacement Problems Lawsuit.

Seth Harris | May 8th, 2012 | Posted in Zimmer Hip Lawsuit News

Texas man who was 42 years old when he first underwent hip replacement surgery has filed a Zimmer hip replacement lawsuit in Texas federal court. Jeffery Johnson alleges that the Zimmer Hip System and the Zimmer Trilogy Acetabular System Shell and Liner implanted in his right hip on January 24, 2008, were defective.

Plaintiff alleges Zimmer hip replacement problems

According to Johnson’s complaint, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas on January 9, 2012, his Zimmer hip replacement problems included numerous painful dislocations. Each time the hip dislocated, physicians had to manipulate his leg to pop the implant back into place. After suffering six dislocations within 24 months of his initial surgery, Johnson underwent a total right hip revision arthroplasty to remove his Zimmer Trilogy Acetabular Hip System.

Alleged defects not addressed in Zimmer Hip Implant Recall

Johnson’s Zimmer hip lawsuit alleges that he originally elected to have the Trilogy Acetablular Hip System implanted because Zimmer promoted the prosthesis as suitable for a wide range of physical activity. As a young man at the time of his initial surgery, Johnson enjoyed an active lifestyle that included hunting, fishing, playing with his children, and riding his motorcycle. Both he and his physician were reportedly influenced by Zimmer’s marketing assurances that patients using the implant could return to full physical activity after surgery.

What neither Johnson nor his physician knew, according to the Zimmer hip implant lawsuit complaint, is that the Zimmer Trilogy Acetabular Shell and Liner are allegedly prone to cracking. A cracked shell or liner can cause repeated painful dislocations, among other Zimmer hip replacement problems, leading to early failure of the implant.

Despite allegations of complications from plaintiffs like Johnson, no Zimmer hip implant recall has been issued.

During his revision surgery to remove the Zimmer implant, Johnson’s surgeon found that the rim of the polyethylene Zimmer Trilogy Liner had fractured. Had Mr. Johnson known of this defect, his Zimmer hip lawyer claims, he would not have had the device implanted. He is seeking both compensatory and punitive damages for his injuries derived from alleged Zimmer hip replacement problems. He has requested a jury trial.