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Very helpful blog. Trying to get my head around all of the information.

I am a 46 year-old active male and I am only at the beginning. I went to a chiropractor (who I see on occasion for minor low back discomfort). I told him of varying levels of pain in my left hip joint, which are not bothersome for the first half of the day, but by evening are quite painful (upon bearing any direct weight). The doctor took x-rays, and said essentially I needed to see an orthopedic surgeon as, in his opinion, both of my hip joints were “shot”. He attempted to point out the missing cartilage on the x-ray, but I am taking his word for it.

As anyone who believes they are too young for such a procedure, I have been doing voracious research in trying to determine the best course for me. I know from stories by friends and relatives that doctors can often make less than optimum decisions regarding techniques or components involved in joint replacement, so I thank you very much for this information.

Although I have not had my appointment with my orthopedic doctor, I am hoping and will be advocating a resurfacing. However, it does not appear that this can be done with ceramic, only metal (which i suspect would be cobalt chrome).

I am still researching, but I hope for that I can get the resurfacing for its advantages, yet still avoid the metal-on-metal design this usually entails.

In the meantime, I have been biking 10+ miles daily and ing leg exercises in the hope hat this will speed up any rehabilitation.

If you have run across any novel resurfacing designs in your web searches, I would be grateful for any links. Further, so as to minimize problems and complications, if you have any general advice for me as I begin what I hope to be a low-complication ordeal, I would be in your debt.


NB: Good idea to have forum for people on this subject… Look forward to seeing it.


Hi Paul

Unfortunately our generation has done too much repetitive exercise and we have worn our joints out.

I was 48 when my hips gave up and I couldn’t walk.

I have done very extensive research and there is no benefit from resurfacing. There is a lot of hype around it but I can find nothing that supports it having any measurable benefit either in speed of recovery or long term. In fact there are about 200,000 people around the world with a timebomb ticking and, from what I will see, they will have a revision 5 – 10 years earlier than they should have.

DePuy ASR’s are up to 50% failure at present. And there is some evidence (search 26 percent on the blog) that failure rates are way higher with the BHR than Smith and Nephew would have you believe. Admittedly this is mostly due to metal on metal.

However, even if it was ceramic I still can’t see any evidence to suggest that resurfacing is anything but an attempt by certain parties to market a solution which is not required.THR’s are just as good.

I would however investigate the anterior hip replacement as this does not cut the hip muscles and the recover is very quick as a result. However, not many surgeons do this as it is a much more difficult procedure for them.

Bottom line – I am really happy with my Zimmer ceramic on ceramic – wonderful range of motion & I have no pain killers any more.

I think the modern ceramic on ceramic is the best choice by far.

I would not touch resurfacing with a barge pole.