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New Technique Reduces Hip Pain Osteoarthritis & The Need For Hip Replacements | Splash Press Release.

New Technique Reduces Hip Pain Osteoarthritis & The Need For Hip Replacements

Posted on July 30, 2012 by  in Free Release

Splash Press Release (Press Release) – Jul 30, 2012

Mechanical oscillations make bones stronger faster

GOLD COAST, AU, 7/25/12 – Hip replacements are often used to treat joint pain caused by osteoarthritis. Poor circulation around the hip joint causes osteoarthritis, loss of mobility and joint pain, leading to a hip replacement.

Treatment is a combination of exercise, lifestyle change and medication both before and after a hip replacement, but Francis O’Gorman from The Pain Relief Centre who has treated hip dislocations post op, said thanks to the research and development submitted to the Bone Cell Fluid Flow Workshops by scientists world wide, we now know that mechanical oscillations are the best way to increase bone growth.

The reversing action of a mechanical oscillation leads to joint stability, a uniform cell coating of the bone matrix and good, fast bone growth, whereas unidirectional electrical stimulation leads to bone malformation.

All the cells of the immune system come from stem cells in bone marrow, so we also boost the immune system at the same time.

Francis, a 66yo former rowing international, has a passion for things that make the body work better. Qualified in remedial therapies, rowing / exercise coaching and nursing he specializes in treatments that increase circulation and reduce shoulder, hip and knee pain. For more information go to http://www.gold-coast-health.com or pop into:

Pain Relief Centre
Carrara Market
Gold Coast, Au