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To Recap:

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My hip problems started in 1998 when I was training at the gym (many years had gone in before this event).

My personal trainer (Sue) had me doing lunges (barbell with weights on my shoulders) and you have one leg back and step forward with the other.

Well – I thought my thigh had exploded!!!

I didn’t realise that I had just dislocated my hip but being a strong dumb type, despite having a PhD, I thought it was just time for a rest and avoided that exercise for about 3 months while I waited for the hip/leg to feel better. How dumb in hindsight!

Anyway 10 years later and I had my Birmingham Spectron total hip replacement.


Today my right replaced hip is hell and the left one which needs replacing is keeping it company. MoM hip clicks a lot as I move around.

My wife says I am waddling like an old man – feels like it!

Put my golf clubs on eBay today – disgusted with my current situation!

Today I am a grumpy father of 3 !

Monday – off to see the Orthopaedic Surgeon and later on have an ultrasound guided hip aspiration – PROGRESS!!!


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