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I had a Depuy Pinnacle (MOM) total hip replacement in Dec. 2007 due to osteoarthritis at the age of 56. I was told that metal on metal was the preferred implant since I was young, thin and fit. In fact, this remarkable implant might even last my lifetime!

Eighteen months later, I was diagnosed with level one chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

I had every test imaginable regarding the leukemia and there were chromosomal abnormalities or deletions; however, never having a baseline study, it would be a stretch to say that there were changes.

A friend alerted me to the dangers of cobalt and chromium poisoning in 2012 and I requested the blood test, yet my surgeon did not encourage it as I was not symptomatic with hip issues. Both minerals tested were elevated but I was told they were not dangerously high at the time.

One year later, I requested to have the mineral blood test again so the results would be available for my annual appointment. Levels had risen significantly and I was having groin pain, hip pain and stability issues.

The orignial surgeon suggested a total hip resurfacing at some point, but certainly immediate surgery was not emphasized. I went for another opinion and that surgeon made room in his surgery schedule that week so that the Depuy Pinnancle could be removed.

My question is this: Are there others with metal on metal hip implants who then were diagnosed with blood cancer? I find it more than coincidental, yet when I ask medical professionals they state that there are no definitive studies linking the two.