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As was anticipated big layoffs from the medical device manufacturers; the BLAME or FINGER being pointed at the device tax to be imposed.

This is more BULLSHIT from these manufacturers any excuse to get there ways, unfortunately people are losing their jobs and the DEVICE TAX becomes the SCAPEGOAT.

The net returns to the investors seems to be in line, so why chop jobs.

Let’s have a reality check

The medical device manufacturer doesn’t get their way so this is how they retaliate – by laying off folks.

What about the fact their devices have destroyed innocent lives forever and then some, where is the accountability, compensation.

WHERE is the improvement in Governing, Ensuring and Protecting we HUMAN BEINGS ? Nothing has improved so this will never happen again under the present Governing SYSTEMS in place that approve, control, investigate and impose when infractions are committed.

The legal bills these manufacturers are piling up and the compensations paid to victims will cause increases in devices more law offs etc. etc.

Although this is the cost of doing business, the increases in these expenses is due to the manufacturers doing bad business.

They must be held accountable if their devices fail and hurt folks without any exceptions. Otherwise  BANK ROBBERIES will become legal or worse.

The laws are pretty straight forward: if you cause harm to an innocent person: you are held accountable and are punished accordingly.

So if a device manufacturer hurts you because their device isn’t performing as it was suppose to they should have to be held accountable.

Howard Sadwin

Layoffs: Medical device companies cut 7,000 jobs in 2012 | MassDevice.

Layoffs: Medical device companies cut 7,000 jobs in 2012

December 21, 2012 by MassDevice staff

Publicly traded medical device companies shed about 7,000 jobs in the 2012, representing 1.6% of the industry’s U.S. jobs base.

Layoffs illustration

High-ranking medical device makers cut about 7,000 American jobs in 2012, representing about 1.6% of the industry’s total U.S. workforce, according to a Reuters report.

Some of those cuts include layoffs at Boston Scientific (NYSE:BSX), St. Jude Medical (NYSE:STJ) andStryker (NYSE:SYK), some of which were explicitly blamed on the impending medical device tax hitting the industry in just over a week.

Industry lobbying groups have warned that about 43,000 medtech jobs may be lost as a result of the 2.3% medical device excise tax taking effect at the start of 2013, but many of the layoff decisions made in 2013 were unrelated to the new fee.