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Biomet Announces Lifetime Limited Implant Replacement Warranty on Oxford(R) Partial Knee When Implanted with Signature(TM) Personalized Patient Care System – MarketWatch.

PRESS RELEASE Sept. 24, 2012, 4:29 p.m. EDT

Biomet Announces Lifetime Limited Implant Replacement Warranty on Oxford(R) Partial Knee When Implanted with Signature(TM)* Personalized Patient Care System

WARSAW, Ind., Sep 24, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Biomet announced today a Lifetime Knee Implant Replacement warranty in the U.S., covering the Oxford(R) Partial Knee utilizing Signature(TM) technology. With the Lifetime Implant Replacement Warranty, Biomet will cover the cost of a Biomet replacement implant for U.S. patients who received the Oxford(R) Partial Knee implanted utilizing Signature(TM) technology and need revision surgery for any reason, subject to the terms and conditions of the written warranty. The warranty is effective for the replacement of Oxford(R) Partial Knees implanted utilizing Signature(TM) personalized positioning guides in the United States on or after September 10, 2012. Any additional costs associated with a replacement surgery beyond the Biomet replacement implant will not be covered by Biomet.

Biomet President and CEO Jeff Binder stated: “Since our founding 35 years ago, Biomet has established a heritage of offering innovative technologies and services that contribute to the delivery of high-quality, high-value personalized patient care. We believe that this is the only warranty of its type in the U.S., and we plan to assess the value of the program to our customers in a dynamically changing healthcare environment.”

The Lifetime Implant Warranty builds on the proven track record of the Oxford(R) Partial Knee. One published long-term clinical study on the Oxford(R) Partial Knee demonstrated a 91% survivorship at 20 years.(1)

Biomet’s Oxford(R) Partial Knee System is designed to help surgeons preserve and restore normal knee function and movement by replacing only the medial, diseased compartment of the knee. The Oxford(R) Partial Knee procedure removes approximately 75% less bone** than a total knee replacement and has been shown to allow for a more rapid recovery(2) when compared to a total knee replacement. The Signature(TM) Personalized Patient Care System complements the Oxford(R) Partial Knee by providing surgeons with a technique to perform knee replacement surgery specific to a patient’s anatomy.

Partial knee replacement is intended to preserve healthy knee structures in patients with limited knee arthritis by replacing only one side of the knee, and to provide more natural motion when compared to a total knee replacement.(3,4) Partial knee replacement may also provide for less pain(5) and shorter recovery periods(2) than total knee replacement.

Patient Risk Information

The Oxford(R) Partial Knee is intended for use in individuals with osteoarthritis or avascular necrosis limited to the medial compartment of the knee and is intended to be implanted with bone cement. The Oxford(R) Knee is not indicated for use in the lateral compartment. Potential risks include, but are not limited to, loosening, dislocation, fracture, wear and infection, any of which can require additional surgery. For additional information about the Signature(TM) system and the Oxford(R) Knee, including risks and warnings, talk to your surgeon and see the full patient risk information on http://oxfordknee.com .

About Biomet

Biomet, Inc. and its subsidiaries design, manufacture and market products used primarily by musculoskeletal medical specialists in both surgical and non-surgical therapy. Biomet’s product portfolio encompasses large joint reconstructive products, including orthopedic joint replacement devices, and bone cements and accessories; sports medicine, extremities and trauma products, including internal and external orthopedic fixation devices; spine and bone healing products, including spine hardware, spinal stimulation devices, and orthobiologics, as well as electrical bone growth stimulators and softgoods and bracing; dental reconstructive products; and other products, including microfixation products and autologous therapies. Headquartered in Warsaw, Indiana, Biomet and its subsidiaries currently distribute products in approximately 90 countries.

*A collaborative partnership with Materialise N.V.

**Biomet internal comparison of bone removal – Oxford(R) Knee compared to Vanguard(TM) Knee


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