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Consider other options before Joint Surgury – Stephen S. Rodrigues, MD

I am a family doc in Dallas TX, in 1997, I incorporated myofascial release techniques into my practice to treat pain. I treat all types of pain issues from bunions, Morton’s neuroma to headaches. Unfortunately I also see a lot of patients who have failed surgeries, ie failed cervical, thoracic and lumbar surgery, failed jaw and TMJ surgery, failed shoulder, elbow and carpal tunnel surgery. Failed hip, knee, ankle and foot surgeries.

Janet G. Travell was a phenomenal orthopedic physician from the 1940-1990s. She realized the fallacy in performing joint replacement surgery and ventured on to explaining that confusion. She was successful in discovering muscles, tissues and ligaments will bind a joint and it will feel tight stiff and rusty. The tightness in the joint will force out fluid and nutrients and cause the joint to suffer. So the “rusty joint” is a secondary process. Replace the joint with an artificial one under this stressed environment and the steel will suffer a similar fate.

JGT protocols if implemented early in any pain syndrome will begin the healing process and eliminate the cycle of chronic pain syndromes. Her protocols will stop and reverse the deterioration to the notorious “bone on bone” state. If addressed early the natural healing process will automatically repair the cartilaginous surfaces to a state of painless functioning. Using myofascial release techniques all of these patients get better with less pain, better ROM and can get off of the dangerous opiates and NSAIDs.