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Biomet Hip Lawsuit Recent News –  Biomet Magnum Hip Implant

06/29/2012 A Biomet Hip Lawsuit was filed in Ohio alleging damages resulting from the Biomet Magnum Hip Implant. The suit was filed by an Ohio couple naming Biomet Inc. as the defendant. The Biomet Hip Lawsuit claimed damages resulting from the Biomet Magnum Hip Implant.

Like other Metal on Metal hip implant products that have been the subject of litigation over the past could of years due to alleged defects, this Ohio Biomet Hip Lawsuit claimed damages resulting from alleged product defects which required the recipient to have a revision surgery to correct issues with the implant. Numerous similar claims have been made in Depuy Hip Lawsuit cases previously. The Depuy Lawsuit has been ongoing for years as new plaintiffs continue to come forward.

Claims were made in the Ohio Biomet Lawsuit that are likely to be seen in many hip implant lawsuit cases going forward. These claims involve metal toxicity resulting from particles of metal from which the hip implants are made becoming dislodged from the him implant and entering the blood stream of the hip implant recipient. Many of the metals used in Metal on Metal Hip implants are toxic, even in relatively small amounts.

More Biomet Hip Lawsuits are expected by legal professionals following the case. There is a high probability that the manufacturer of the Biomet Mangum hip implant also expects to face more Biomet Hip Lawsuits in the near future, although we have not spoken with or confirmed this with anyone at Biomet Inc.

If you had a Metal on Metal implant inserted, regardless of brand, many medical professionals are suggesting that you be monitored for metal toxicity even if the implant itself has not caused you any orthopedic problems.

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