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I am looking for a real answer to a real question- if the Catholic Church was held accountable for their wrong doings, then how and why does the MEDICAL DEVICE world get a free pass via the exemption laws as they exist and what is proposed in the H.R. No5 bill.

I, and my fellow folks that are going through this travesty in life, caused by devices that were approved by the very Government that is suppose to protect the quality of life in which we live.  The reality is the DEVICE world whines and we walk on egg shells trying not to upset them because they threaten to move their operations abroad or they threaten to pass the legal expenses they incur onto a rise in cost to the end user.

What is wrong with this picture ? I try looking for rhyme or reason to this debacle, and there is none other than the HUMAN BEING factor appears, if at all in the very, very small print and Market Share, Finances and Rate of return prevails.

How many thousands of harmed folks will it take before our politicians come to their senses and realize that the DEVICE world calls the shots and we accommodate.

Rest assure if there were thousands of human beings hurt unnecessarily in a particular part of the world we would act upon this in due haste, so why are our politicians fighting over a matter that directly has an adverse impact on our people. If the DEVICE world prevails in this bill, we are saying it’s ok if you hurt thousands of Americans, and perhaps 100’s of thousands worldwide, we forgive you.  Who is the lab rat here, WE are and we aren’t even being told this. It is HUMAN BEINGS that are providing answers  to the adversities a device may cause.

Is this what the Democratic way has come too ?

If there was ever a time for people to voice their opinion and contact their politicians on this matter its now and we should waste no time because TIME IS of the ESSENCE.



Howard Sadwin