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Hi Earl,

I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Lots of useful information but I’m sorry you had to endure so much pain to get here.

I have to say I think I may have dodged a bullet when I had my THR last year. My surgeon was at one time considering using a MoM hip replacement because of my age, 40 at the time of surgery, but after I made my concerns known he opted to go with a ceramic head and polyethylene cup.

Surgery was uneventful and recovery for the first few months was as expected and I was able to do physical therapy with some interruptions due to some muscle pain with intense flare ups at times.

About three months ago I started to experience some pain on my right leg that prevented me from bearing weight on it. Knowing that this pain was different from the pain associated with the IT band mostly that I experienced before, I went back to the doctor’s and they decided to take an x-ray to see if anything showed up. the x-ray showed a periosteal reaction around the femoral bone adjacent to the area of the cementless stem.A blood test was ordered and the lab results showed elevated C-reactive protein levels and sed rates. Fearing an infection I went through a number of tests (MRIs, aspirations and biopsies and a white cell scan) to confirm or deny this fear.

This week I finally got the results and it is most likely not an infection that is causing the inflammation and pain but so far we have not found the cause.

The seriousness of an infection to a replaced hip is something that I was not fully aware of at the time of surgery so I’m very relieved tha infection has been ruled out however not knowing what is causing the pain has me very concerned still.I think it’s good to share stories because I find that a lot of questions are not often well answered even if your talking to people in the medical profession. It’s encouraging and comforting to hear that these procedures which can be painful and debilitating have positive results in the end.

I’m glad to hear that your revision surgery went well and I hope you’re enjoying a pain free life.

Thanks for sharing your story.