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Here is another horror story shared with me recently – makes you think – what is going on…???

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Hi Earl,

I’m found your blog a week or so ago while doing some research trying to find out if there are problems reported about Smith and Nephew BHR devices. I’ve noticed an increasing amount of the ads out there from Lawyers, for people who have the Depuy ASR devices are now saying anyone with MOM devices who are having problems and facing revision surgery.

S N Logo imagesI had Bilateral Hip resurfacing with Smith and Nephew BHR devices done in 2008. The right side was resurfaced on Oct 13th 2008 and the left side on Dec 8th 2008.

The left side gave me continuous pain with dysfunction and clunking whenever I moved. 10 months later, in October 2009, I was told that my cup was loose. I had to have revision surgery.

My surgeon told me I should have the surgery sooner, rather than later because of the risk of metallosis.

The revision surgery was done on January 18th 2010, with a Smith and Nephew dysplasia cup with screws.

I’ve had continuous pain, dysfunction and increasing disability and grinding noises since this surgery was done. I have had numerous x-rays, a CT scan, MRI, EMG and Nerve conduction studies because of all the problems.

It was confirmed that I have nerve damage, edema/fluid around my joint, and now have halos around the screws which my surgeon informs me, will shear off. There is no ingrowth of bone into the acetabular prosthesis so it is loose yet again.

My right side has also become increasingly painful and is now loose and also has to be replaced so I’m facing my 4th and 5th major surgery in 2 1/2 years.

I’m amazed at how the tide has changed regarding these MOM devices since I first was told I needed surgery.

I’ve been researching trying to decide what surgery to have next and had narrowed it down to ceramic on ceramic THR but quite frankly I am scared because it seems there is a history of recalls with all of these joint replacement devices.

I’m so happy to have found your site and am working my way through it. I’ll be checking in frequently for any updates and I’ll let you know if I find out any new info.

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