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Hip replaced then recalled?

Story Created: Jul 11, 2011 at 4:55 PM America/New_York

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FORT MYERS, Fla– Major medical supplier Johnson and Johnson has recalled hip replacements for  93,000 patients world wide. The recall affects patients who received the Depuy hip replacement. The recall has even affected patients in southwest Florida.

Candy Morganthaler is one of those patients. She spends three days a week trying to rehab after her second hip replacement.

Her first hip replacement came after an accident. “I was in a work situation where I had an accident and needed emergency hip replacement. That was in July of 2008,” Morganthaler told WINK NEWS.

She was only 54 years old at the time and should have healed quickly.

“After going through the hip replacement and going through the therapy it just was never right,” said Morganthaler, “I still had pain. I am a CNA and I work with elderly people and they said ‘I’m in my 90s I have had two hip replacements I’ve had this’ so I’m like why am I limping why am I still in pain?”

Candy then received notice from Johnson and Johnson that Depuy was recalling her hip replacement.

“Aha! I knew something was wrong. As soon as they called me I was like I have been trying to tell you something wasn’t right,” said Morganthaler.

She’s not alone. The recall affected 93,000 patients worldwide. Candy’s attorney Bill Berke has filed suit in federal court.

“For some strange reason women seem to have more problems with hip replacements than men. The loosening. The pain. Those kind of problems,” said Berke.

Berke says he has other clients with the same problems and expects there are more people suffering out there.

Berke described to us the signs patients may have a problem. Berke said, “If there’s loosening. If there’s pain. If there’s squeaking they should contact their doctor immediately.”

Meanwhile, Candy is making progress after undergoing a second surgery to replace the recalled part. She’s hoping to get back the active lifestyle she lost.

“Hopefully I can get it back this time and be as active as I was before and not be in pain,” said Morganthaler.

Depuy has launched this website to respond to the recall.

Here is link to the FDA’s website where you can search ALL medical recalls.


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