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Back Surgery for 2012 [Kindle Edition]

$0.99 – so, yes you can afford it!

Kathleen Mosko (Author), William Smith (Author)

Kathleen talks candidly about the healing process, the how-tos and the don’t s from a personal perspective. It’s valuable input that can only come from someone who has walked in her shoes. She speaks from the heart about her experiences and how, as she became more independent, her life is fuller, and richer in many ways. She has stepped back into the game of life and not looked back.

Once she found world renown neurosurgeon, William D. Smith, MD, she describes how her life has changed profoundly. Kathleen explains details of what it’s like to have an innovative XLIF (Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion) that is revolutionizing back surgery forever. Dr. Smith is at the forefront of the innovations taking place and it truly is an exciting time to be a doctor in the field of neuroscience. Dr. Smith adds his comments explaining several areas of importance.

All the horror stories Kathleen heard from family and friends, and even from her own doctors, didn’t dissuade her once Dr. Smith spelled out the benefits of the XLIF procedure. Because she was so deformed, had she done nothing, Kathleen’s lifespan would have been markedly shorter and her quality of life diminished greatly. She would have been wheelchair bound, on some kind of assistance and medication for her remaining years.

Kathleen shares, in an intimate way, an overview of what it’s like to need back surgery. She tells how, after a ten year delay from an injury, she finally gets relief from the incessant pain. Her description of the vast maze and roadblocks is not so uncommon but, her road to recovery may be.

This is the first book in a series of medical memoirs Kathleen is writing to help others in their decision-making process to be as informed as possible about each of the types of her surgeries. She had two additional surgeries, an ACDF (Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion) procedure and a total hip replacement for which she will be writing about as well.

Because of her unique experiences, it is Kathleen’s fervent hope that others will hear her story and believe there is a better way to be out of pain and regain your quality of life. She firmly believes that we are each entitled to live our best life pain free!


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