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Vested Interests – Who is Truthful?

Another major problem I see is that it seems some important clinical data provided to the FDA for approval of devices, was originated by the companies themselves, or provided by people, Doctors, hospitals, distributors, and consulting firms on the payroll.

Some of these payoffs, don’t deal directly between company and individuals. The Federal government is investigating PODs. This is a third party vehicle in which monies can be distributed to Dr’s,hospitals,etc. You can read and get a better understanding of how monies pass hands in some cases to help market these medical devices.

The reading is good for making the hair on your neck raise. Unless we, you, me do something to change an archaic system, this will continue to happen over and over.

Market share and financing are important in our economy, but not at the expense of my and your health and well being.

If I am going to be a lab rat, I should make that choice and I should know all the facts as to good and worse case scenario’s.

That is fair isn’t it ?

Howard Sadwin

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