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So You Want to Beat Up Smith & Nephew – Where do Patients Fit Into the Picture?

Stryker are going to provide a new product that has been tested and report the actual data supplied by a third party that has no financial ties.

Sadwin’s Concerns

  • My one concern: the safety and well being of me and others?
  • Do your results provide disclosure as to the worse case scenarios as to what could happen to me now and 5+ years from now?

Or are you more interested in market share, financing and breaking up Smith and Nephew’s monopoly on hip devices.

As important as it is to get these new innovated devices available to me, and others, are they really safe?

Or will I live in a wheel chair the rest of my life because these devices weren’t properly taken through the system, not the 510k.

Yes the conventional approving process is paper thick and long in it’s process.

I’m convinced a lot of the red tape could be eliminated, not as lacks as the 510k plan, but at least the devices may become safer, or at least you would have to properly disclose real facts.

Howard Sadwin

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