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Source & Full text: Transvaginal Mesh Patient Awarded $1.2 Million in Ethicon Mesh Lawsuit, Announces Baron and Budd – MarketWatch.

Trial Helps Set Precedent for Future Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

DALLAS, Apr 04, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Yesterday, a Dallas jury found transvaginal mesh manufacturer Ethicon and its parent company Johnson & Johnson liable for defects associated with the company’s TVT-O transvaginal mesh sling. The mesh patient, Linda Batiste, was awarded $1.2 million for suffering serious health issues from her transvaginal mesh implant. The trial lasted more than two weeks, and is another notable verdict in the transvaginal mesh litigation. The transvaginal mesh lawyers at Baron and Budd support the verdict and wish to congratulate the trial team on a job well done.

“This is an excellent result for all women who have been harmed by transvaginal mesh implants,” said Stephen Blackburn, attorney at Baron and Budd. “This case will help to set a precedent for future transvaginal mesh sling cases, and we couldn’t be happier that the verdict came back in favor of the patient.”

Sadly, like Ms. Batiste, many patients have been forced to undergo a second surgery to correct issues with TVT slings after they are implanted. The mechanically cut TVT-O mesh is still being used today alongside other products like the TVT-Secur and TVT-Abrevo.

Why will J&J pay this much to a patient when DePuy victims are lucky to get a few hundred thousand??? Makes no sense. Lives are ruined in both cases. Earl

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