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Guide To Emotional And Nervous Breakdowns.

Aug 30, 2008

An emotional, nervous and mental breakdown includes breakdown or temporary fall out of personality. It may involve the inability to cope with depression, loss of contact with reality, anxiety and sometimes panic attacks.

A person suffering from nervous breakdown might be frightened, disorienting and faces disturbances. This occurs all of a sudden and might last for years. A feeling of confusion, depression or anxiety which is out of your control. Nervous and mental breakdown are the two terms used to define the state of people who hide their feelings and emotions and finally when out of control let them out.

Emotional Breakdowns

Anxiety, stress and depression can occur when we suppress our reactions. This might occur when one feels that he has no choices. A prolonged stress may lead to a nervous breakdown. Even if one wants to fight out those stressful conditions by either diverting away from the situation or by fighting but one cannot do this always.

One cannot run away from this condition of stress. The stress increases instead. One can definitely face and deal with these stressful conditions by trying to enjoy and build a better relationship with others. Eat healthy food, exercise for about half an hour daily. Get enough sleep, avoid alcohol and drugs.

One can go for pleasure trips and indulge in recreational activities. The best way to cope with the stressful issues is to communicate in a better way. Communication definitely helps one to face the problems. People who are suffering from emotional problem often have poor relationships.

Nervous Breakdown

Symptoms of nervous breakdown are fatigue and are not related to any physical exertion. A person feels tired to do any kind of work. Restlessness, sleeping disorder and nervous indigestion are some of the common symptoms. Loss of appetite, constipation and constant headaches are some other common symptoms of nervous breakdown.

Nervous breakdown may be accompanied by loss of appetite, irregular heart beat or palpitation of heart, spells of dizziness or fuzzy vision, skin rashes, sweating, a tingling sensation in hands and feet. Physical illness may be due to nervous breakdown.

People suffering from nervous breakdown might find difficulty in making their own decisions or meet people comfortably. There are some extreme cases associated with weeping, panic etc. It all results in severe mental depression and some times suicidal tendency.

Effects of nervous breakdown

One may undergo blank outs and fatigues. The loss of appetite and a feeling of guilt and hopelessness set in. All these symptoms together are medically termed as a nervous breakdown. The biological factors and genetic factors lead to psychotic disorders.

Depression is caused by the social and environmental factors. Nervous breakdown is a mental health problem. The best way to cope up with this problem is to have quality friends, quality health care, have a healthy diet and spend quality time.

A person suffering from mental disorder does not perform his duties like taking shower, brushing his teeth, dose not shave etc. Nervous breakdowns may be severe psychotic breaks or schizophrenic episodes are the two categories of nervous breakdowns.

Preventing and the treatment for nervous breakdown

Physical, genetic and dietary factors along with past experiences and mental outlook determine a person’s ability to handle new and ongoing stresses, expectations and disappointments. Resolution usually requires some combination of counseling, supportive relationships, change in circumstance and habit, nutritional support, removal of biochemical imbalances, deficiencies, medication and time.

The solution is uniquely different for each person. If nervous breakdown patients are treated with utmost care, the results are positive and one can witness them on a quick basis.