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MediTouch Products

Source: http://www.meditouch.co.il/index.aspx?id=2536

MediTouch develops and manufactures innovative rehabilitation systems that consist of wearable motion capture devices and dedicated rehabilitation software.

For upper extremity rehabilitation, the company offers the HandTutor™, an ergonomic glove, together with the ArmTutor™, an ergonomic elbow brace and the 3DTutorTM a wireless low weight acceleration measuring device. The HandTutor™ allows for finger/s and wrist practice which is complemented by the ArmTutor™ to give elbow and shoulder three directional exercise practice. Finally the 3DTutorTM allows for additional elbow and wrist exercise practice.

For lower extremity, the company offers the LegTutor™, an ergonomic knee brace, which is also complemented by the 3DTutorTM. The LegTutor™ allows for hip three directional exercise practice and the 3DTutorTM provides ankle exercise practice. The 3DTutorTM can also be used for neck and trunk exercise practice.

These low cost ergonomically measuring devices, together with dedicated clinical rehabilitation software allow patients with upper and/or lower extremity movement dysfunction to practice intensive practice training of single and multi-joints. In this way, our systems implement impairment oriented training (IOT) with augmented motion feedback, to give a tailored arm, leg or any other joint exercise rehabilitation program that allows the patient to achieve better functional recovery.

Total body movement dysfunction due to orthopedic and neurological injury and disease including:

Stroke • Head injuriesSpinal cord injuriesCerebral PalsyDrop footParkinson’s disease • Multiple sclerosis • Peripheral nerve injuries • Post orthopedic surgery e.g. tendon transfer • Fractures and soft tissue injuries • Burns • Complex Regional Pain SyndromeMuscle weakness